The perfect inventory




Brand protection, sample collection’s management and control


Internal and esternal production’s control


Management of the products with massive readings and check/inventory times drastically reduced


Anticounterfeiting, antishoplifting, inventory, goods’ receipt, returns management, sales support


Anticounterfeiting, grey market, customer experience

RFID technology in the fashion

RFID technology

Many companies that operate in the fashion industry have adopted RFID technology (Radio Frequency
Identification) in order to track their products along all the supply chain. The use of an RFID tag in place of a label with a bar code offers more flexibility and speed in the processes of reading / identification with the additional result of a greater integration of its production processes, logistics and sales.


Past and present

The history is not recent: all began in 2003 when Wallmart e Metro have used the RFID for tagging boxes and pallets, using the technology as a tool of the supply chain. But the problem related to difficulties in tracking objects when they were separated from their pallet, has brought, also thanks to the technology evolution, to today’s concept of “item-level tagging“.


The perfect inventory

The RFID has become synonymous of the perfect inventory. With the redefinition of the scenarios at the store in the direction of multi-channel has been understood the value of the identification of the single item.