SWT is the division dedicated to the development of the software applications. It provides services of software planning, analysis, and development aiming at the realization of custom solutions. The reference market is the logistics where we take pride in numerous references and success cases among which the merchandise handling system adopted by the Rome and Milan airports. The top quality of the project’s solutions and the profound knowledge of the information technologies, and of those related to the automatic identification and to the mobiliy have allowed us to made it possible the realization of projects worth of the highest praise for some of the most important operators of the great national and international distribution We develop with Oracle technology , for which we are Gold Partner, on a J2EE platform, and thanks to the consulting approach oriented to the technological innovation we actively provide an answer to the evolutions and needs of the market.

SOA approaches and solutions

Rich of the then years experience in the area of complex software solutions, SAIT’s SWT faces up to every new project through the designing and to the implementation of Service-Oriented Architecture(SOA) solutions. Many functional modules, grouped in the JSWS kernel and based on the business flows and requests, are made available by JSWS and can be inserted inside an application. SAIT’s SWT offers SOA approaches and solutions capable of integrating the IT system at several levels, furnishing platforms highly scalable.


JSWS stems from this vision oriented to the SOA solutions with the end purpose of supplying functions and systems necessary to the implementation of a Warehouse Management and Supply Chain Management System. JSWS is a software platform dedicated to the logistics, on a SOA multi-tier architecture, which makes it extremely light, scalable, and web-oriented, capable therefore of replying to the needs of the modern distribution models.