Company Profile

We are committed to the success of our customers. Our contribution improves their performance.

Leaders in ICT for over two decades

SAIT was founded in 1997 to share our strong skills in software development, automatic identification and wireless telecommunications with our customers.

Today, there are 35 highly qualified staff members working in our company, specializing in software development and system integration.
In 2021, SAIT had a turnover of more than 5 million euros. Our target is the logistics and traceability market, where we have many references and success cases.

SAIT is a Quality company, certified ISO 9001:2015 with TUV (Nr. 50 100 14049) for those fields of application: design, development, integration, configuration and assistance in software management and telecommunications systems.

Quality, competence and innovation are our core values.

Satisfied Customers

More than 150 client companies proudly and enthusiastically served for over 20 years.

Tickets Solved

Almost 3500 tickets opened and managed by the SAIT Help Desk and Laboratory.

Sold Tags

Over 15 million RFId tags sold, offering increasingly effective recognition technologies.

Traced Products

More than 5 million products traced, telling their story from producer to customer.

We are at the forefront of supporting our customers’ success and performance.

A perfect program plan is the key to a successful transformation. We help companies transform their business and stay competitive in a dynamic market. Our core engineering and business competencies make business goals work on future-oriented systems.

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