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SAIT was founded in 1997 with the aim of making available to customers the strong skills acquired by the partners in the areas of software development, automatic identification and wireless telecommunications.

Today SAIT is a reality of twenty-five people with strong technical skills in both software development and system integration.


In 2014, sales amounted to 3.2 million euros. The reference market is the logistics in which there are numerous references and successful cases in retail, port and airport.

SAIT is a Quality company, ISO 9001: 2015 certified with TUV (No. 50 100 14049) for the following field of application: design, development, integration, configuration and assistance of management software and telecommunications systems. Quality, competence and innovation are our core values.


Over 150

Over 150 the number of customers we have proudly served for over 20 years, spread over 5 continents.



Leader for the management and optimization of logistics processes, we are the ideal partner for medium and large companies.



For more than 20 years we have been managing warehouse optimization for freight terminals and airport logistics platforms.



Our team of engineers constantly innovates, creating new technologies for monitoring the originality of a garment.

SOA approaches and solutions

Building on decades of experience in the development of complex software projects, SAIT SWT addresses every new project through the design and implementation of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions. Several functional modules, grouped in the JSWS kernel and based on business flows and requests, are made available by JSWS and can be inserted into an application. SAIT SWT offers SOA approaches and solutions capable of integrating multi-level IT systems, providing highly scalable platforms.


JSWS nasce da questa visione orientata alle soluzioni SOA con la finalità di fornire funzioni e sistemi  necessari alla implementazione di un sistema di Warehouse Management e Supply Chain Management.

JSWS è una piattaforma software dedicate alla logistica, su architettura SOA multi-tier, che la rende estremamente leggera, sicura, scalabile e web-oriented, capace quindi di rispondere alle esigenze dei modelli distributivi moderni.