Fashion Industries

Innovative and economically sustainable tools to support and protect made in Italy products.

SWT // Fashion

TOP (Tracking Original Products) is the answer to a main issue for many productive sectors. It provides innovative and economically sustainable tools to support and protect made in Italy products.

Through the automatic identification technology that SAIT disposes, it is possible to optimize warehousing processes in an international supply chain. The system offers automated traceability and control for goods receipt, packing and shipping, as well as checking and counting incoming goods.

Why SAIT IoT Technology

  • 01.

    All the potential of RFID technology to improve the customer experience and tell the product story with in-app communication.

    Unique product codification via RFId tag.

  • 02.
    Unique marking

    Gray and parallel market control.

    RFId labels to automatically control the movement of goods.

    Unique clothing tags for anti-counterfeiting.

  • 03.

    Marketing and customer experience management, logistics processes optimization.
    Easy and automated ordering and reordering system.

    Customer engagement.

  • 04.

    For transparency, engagement and consumer retention.

    Technologies for the management of multimedia informational content, on production chain (smart label) and on the environmental impact of production (green label), storytelling and engagement.

SWT // Technological Solutions

Technological solutions bringing efficiency, cost savings, quality and sustainability to the fashion business.
  • Process traceability in blockchain technology
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Logistics control
  • Distribution awareness
  • Data security
  • Real-time analysis

IoT // Customer Care

Technological solutions nurturing consumer relationships.
  • Production chain information (smart label)
  • Transparency on the environmental impact of production processes and on sustainable practices (green label)
  • Multimedia informational content
  • Engagement and retention

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