Colmar - Traceability in the whole supply chain

Colmar RFId project uses automatic identification to optimize warehousing processes in an international supply chain. The system allows the traceability and automatic control of the receipt, packing and freight operations and also the massive control and count of incoming garments.

  • Colmar
  • Clothing
  • Supply chain traceability
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Adoption of anti-counterfeiting measures to protect the brand
  • Gray market and parallel market control
  • The carelabels incorporate an RFID tag
  • The receipt of goods is done following massive checks through RFID gates and tunnels that allow the identification and registration of the content of closed boxes (item’s model, size, color, quantity)
  • Controlled shipment to own or authorized sales points
  • Traceability of each individual item in all phases of receipt and dispatch
  • Optimization of logistics operations
  • Control accuracy and error reduction
  • Gray market control