Sait Network & Customer Care Division


Customer Care // Networking Services
SNT is the SAIT division dedicated to services

The Sait division, which is concerned with the design and implementation of IT infrastructures for their maintenance and assistance both on the Italian territory and in every part of the world.

CSC : Customer Care Services

The Customer Care Service manages the assistance and maintenance services concerning projects carried out by SAIT and to systems and hardware and software products supplied by third parties as well.

Active H 24 7×7 Help Desk

Interventions of ordinary and extraordinaire maintenance, on site and/or from remote, Management of guarantees and repairs with or without the collaboration of the manufacturers, Substitutions of broken apparatuses directly at the customer ‘s quarters in Italy and abroad

NWT – Networking Services

The SNT division manages networking projects through the design and installation of telecommunications systems with a strong predisposition towards wireless and automatic identification technologies.

Supplies engineering services to some of the most important international operators and providers as well as to the final clients.

Plans and carries out WIF systems to offer LAN, Hot Spot, and radio relay bridge services.

Plans and carries out fulfils marine and land projects for some of the most important operators of the OIL & GAS market.

Has at its disposal the necessary tools and certifications for a safe and quality operation.

Project: 2000-2015

Maintenance of all automatic identification products (> 10.000 Unità)

Malpensa Logistics Europe

Assistance and Maintenance of the physical and document handling management system for Air Cargo.

ASL Brescia
Project: 2000-2015

Help Desk and maintenance of more than 1,500 workstations (PCs, printers, peripherals)

Airports of Rome

Assistance and Maintenance of the physical and document handling management system for Cargo Aere.

For BT Italia

Maintenance of telephone exchanges, Public Address systems and telecommunications systems.


Assistance and maintenance of the entire Wireless network (UHF, WiFi) and of all portable and vehicular devices.