Sait Network & Customer Care Division


Customer Care // Networking Services
SNT is the SAIT division dedicated to services

The Sait division which is concerned with the design and construction of IT infrastructures and automatic identification systems to complement the software development division.
We invest more than 10% of our resources in research and development of the systems area with particular interest in Wireless and RFId technologies.

RFId Technology
RFId technology is an integral part of Sait activities

For years it has been adopted and integrated into the advanced interdisciplinary skills of SAIT: integration of complex systems, hardware and software; relational databases (RDBMS); networking & TLC; mobile & wireless; AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture); business process reengineering.

RFId is in the DNA of Sait’s business divisions: passive RFID, BAP, semi-active and active, RTLS, LF frequencies (125 ÷ 145 kHz), HF (13.56MHz), UHF (~ 900 MHz), μW (2 , 4GHz) and UWB (≥3.1 GHz). Sait has important collaborations with research institutions and universities:

  • Joint Research Center – European Commission. Internet of things applied to Identification and Traceability of Classified Documents
  • Sapienza Università di Roma, CATTID (Centro per le Applicazioni della Televisione e delle Tecniche di Istruzione a Distanza), RFID Lab.
  • Politecnico di Milano, RFId Solution Center.
  • Laboratorio per le tecnologie Wireless e RFID dell’Università di Messina.
  • Università Carlo Cattaneo – LIUC (Castellanza, Varese), LAB#ID.
  • Università degli Studi di Parma, RFID Lab.
CSC // Customer Care Services
NWT // Networking Services
Active H 24 7×7 Help Desk

The Customer Care service manages the assistance and maintenance services relating to projects carried out by SAIT and to hardware and software systems and products also supplied by third parties. It has a 24-hour helpdesk in Italian and English.

Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions, on site and / or remotely

Management of warranties and repairs with or without the collaboration of the manufacturers

Replacement of faulty equipment directly at the customer’s location in Italy and abroad

Infrastructure IT

The SNT division manages networking projects through the design and installation of telecommunication systems with a strong predisposition towards wireless technologies.

It provides engineering services to some of the most important international operators and providers as well as to end customers.

It designs and builds WiFi systems to offer wireless LAN services, Hot Spots and radio links.

It designs and supplies marine and terrestrial telecommunication systems for some of the most important operators in the OIL & GAS market.

It has the equipment and certifications necessary to operate in safety and quality.