Wine Traceability

Effective technological solutions for logistics and traceability of each bottle of wine

Wineability // Wine Traceability

WineabilityIt is precisely our geographical proximity to the Franciacorta wineries, combined with thirty years of experience, that has allowed us to establish solid and fruitful partnerships with them.
Those companies, by sharing their needs with us, contributed to the design of Wineability, the effective technological solution for logistics and traceability of each bottle of wine.

Why Wineability

  • 01.

    To make the boxing, shipping and transport processes faster and more cost-effective, to control the supply chain, know the distribution network and counteract the grey markets.

    Product traceability system from the winery to the point-of-sale.

  • 02.
    Unique marking

    To ensure product uniqueness and authenticity.

    Unique bottle marking and anti-counterfeiting systems.

  • 03.
    Agriculture 4.0

    In order to make the production chain more efficient and to benefit from the Agriculture 4.0 subsidies and tax credits.

  • 04.

    For transparency, engagement and consumer retention.

    Technologies for managing multimedia informational content, on nutritional values (smart labels) and on the environmental impact of production (green label), storytelling and engagement.

Wineability // Technological Solutions

Technological solutions bringing efficiency, cost savings, quality and sustainability to the wine business
  • Process traceability in blockchain technology
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Logistics control
  • Distribution awareness
  • Data security
  • Agriculture 4.0 and tax credit
Sait Wineability
Sait Wineability
Sait Wineability
Sait Wineability

Wineability // Customer Care

Technological solutions nurturing consumer relationships
  • Product nutritional information (smart label)
  • Transparency on the environmental impact of production processes and on sustainable practices (green label)
  • Multimedia informational content
  • Engagement and retention

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