BCube - Handling Cargo System in airports

Using a custom-made WMS, JHCS platform guarantees the perfect visibility and traceability of logistics for airports. JHCS has all the basic functions that allow the management of cargo shipments and related logics, with specific customized features to serve the needs of airport logistics.

  • BCube
  • Logistic
  • Cargo System Management
  • www.bcube.com
  • Control of goods receipt
  • Management of loading and unloading operations
  • Management of picking and packing operations
  • Flight control
  • Management of administrative functions and invoicing
  • Import and export documentation control
  • To adapt the system for airport logistics, custom functionalities have been included to trace and automate the operations in cargo handling: interface communicating with the Customs Agency informatic system, data base interface of flights, pricelists and customized calculation functions, RF functions both for import and export, messaging customization between airlines, etc.
  • Optimization of logistics processes
  • Reduction of cargo management lead time
  • Decreased errors (lost or misplaced goods)
  • Automatic cargo tracking (merchandise location)
  • Automatic identification (type of goods)
  • Efficiency in the distribution of goods in the hold