Valentino - Customer engagement and Grey Market control

The brand Valentino uses the potential of RFID technology to improve the customer experience by telling the story of the purchased product. In addition, the uniqueness of the coding of the product used in the RFID tag guarantees its authenticity, making it impossible to counterfeit and facilitating logistics.

  • Valentino
  • Clothing
  • Customer engagement
  • Product traceability
  • Gray market and parallel market control
  • Optimization of logistics operations
  • Customer engagement
  • The carelabels for Valentino garments incorporate dual RFID technology: NFC and UHF (!)
  • The labels with the RFID tag allow automatic control of the movement of the goods
  • Traceability and product-supply chain storytelling
  • Marketing and customer experience management
  • Optimization of logistics
  • Protection of the brand against counterfeits